Pocket Option Bot
What is Pocket Option Bot?

Pocket Option Bot is a free robot for automated trading on the Pocket Option platform which is a Chrome browser extension. You can easily install and use this robot without any payment. It operates according to the chosen algorithm and can be customized to suit your preferences. Flexible settings allow you to control the level of risk and potential profitability. If you want to safely try out different algorithms, you can use a demo account that doesn't even require registration. On this website, you will find a detailed description of settings and operating algorithms for Pocket Option Bot.


What can Pocket Option Bot do?

Pocket Option Bot 2Bot offers a convenient and efficient solution for automated trading of options on the Pocket Option platform. With its diverse strategies and customizable parameters, you can create an individual strategy that meets your needs and goals. Start right now and let 2Bot simplify and enhance your options trading.

Pocket Option Bot is an innovative Chrome browser extension designed specifically for automated options trading on the Pocket Option platform. With this powerful tool, anyone can configure and test their trading strategies on a demo account completely free of charge.

  1. A variety of trading strategies
    Pocket Option Bot offers multiple trading modes to cater to the diverse needs of traders. In the first type of mode, 2Bot analyzes all signals provided by the Pocket Option platform on various timeframes. When these signals align with your specified settings, the robot automatically executes a trade. This helps avoid missing out on promising opportunities due to limited time for signal detection.
  2. Using Indicators and Strategies
    In the second mode, 2Bot utilizes various strategies such as CCI 20 to make trading decisions. It also analyzes all active pairs on the platform and identifies which pairs the indicator signals for buying or selling. Then, based on your settings, the robot automatically executes a trade when all conditions are met.
  3. Risk Minimization
    2Bot ensures reliable protection of your deposit. The robot automatically selects only those pairs that have a profitability higher than specified in the settings. You can also set the maximum number of active trades, the minimum time between trades for a single pair, and the desired income. When the robot reaches the specified income, it automatically disables to prevent further risks.
  4. User-Friendly Interface and Easy Configuration
    2Bot is designed with ease of use in mind. The intuitive interface allows for easy configuration of trading parameters and selection of desired strategies. Even beginners can quickly adapt to it.
  5. Demo Account for Trial Testing
    To help traders better understand the principles of PO TRADE bot and choose the most suitable settings, we provide the option to use a demo account. You can try out all strategies and settings in practice without risking any real funds. It's an ideal way to explore the capabilities of 2Bot and make an informed decision before transitioning to a real account.
  6. Free to Use Forever
    We are pleased to announce that Pocket Option Bot is available to all users completely free of charge and with no time limitations. You can use the robot for as long as you like to automate your trading on the Pocket Option platform.
  7. Customization of the Robot
    We understand that every trader has their unique needs and strategies. Therefore, in addition to the free version, we offer a customization service to tailor the robot to your individual requirements. If you need specific functionality or an algorithm that is not currently available in 2Bot, we can develop it specifically for you for an additional fee. Upon your request, we can also add this algorithm to the public version so that other traders can benefit from this enhancement.

Before using the robot on the Pocket Option platform, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the instructional videos on our YouTube channel. There you will find valuable information and answers to many questions. If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section below the video. You can also stay updated on all news about the Pocket Option Bot by following our Telegram channel.