PocketOption Bot Strategies

The Pocket Option Bot robot offers two main trading modes: trading using platform signals and trading using indicators. Here are their descriptions and operating features:

Trading using platform signals: In this mode, the robot analyzes platform forecasts regarding price movements on various timeframes and carries out transactions in accordance with the selected settings. Since the robot is able to simultaneously analyze all currency pairs on all timeframes, this significantly increases efficiency compared to manual trading using signals. After launching Pocket Option Bot in trading mode signals, it is important to open the signals window on the platform to receive and track signals.

Trading by indicators: In this mode, Pocket Option Bot analyzes all currency pairs in accordance with the selected indicator and carries out buy or sell trades when the indicator is triggered. After starting trading using indicators, you must independently open all currency pairs one by one so that the robot begins to analyze them and carry out transactions based on the indicator signals. Pocket Option Bot provides the ability to automate trading, which helps reduce the time and effort of the trader. The choice of trading mode depends on your preferences and the strategy you are pursuing.

In addition to the basic trading modes based on platform signals and indicators, Pocket Option Bot also offers the ability to implement custom trading algorithms for an additional fee.

Trading using signals
Trading using the CCI20 indicator
Trading using the 4candles indicator